Way to Organise Your Home Like A Professional


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Personal organisation is important for a happy, healthy and stress free life. Keeping your London home organised can be difficult, and it feels like a matter of time before built up clutter becomes unbearable and impossible to conquer. If you feel that you don’t have the time, patience, will or strength to declutter your home, there are services out there that can help you with just that. Look around for London home organisation companies to help you get on top of your clutter. When in doubt hire the services of a professional organiser and declutterers.

In some situations where you have the extra time to spend organising your space, you should consider some DIY organisation methods that you can easily implement into your household today. Here are a few ways you can start to organise your belongings and organise your home.

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Table Top/Counter Storage: Organize With Trays And Fake Built-Ins.

A tray on a coffee table helps keep things in order, and boot trays do the same on a mudroom floor. Set out a few by the door to keep shoes from piling up. Mimic the look of a custom entryway by buying basic wood shelving and painting it a chic accent colour. A tall storage unit makes a great bench when flipped on its side and topped with cushions.

KITCHEN STORAGE: Hang Spices And Maximize Shelves And Doors.

Mount a magnetic spice rack on the underside of an upper cabinet. It’ll free up valuable space but be accessible for when you’re cooking. Putting shelf risers in upper cabinets is a great way to make use of the high cabinetry popular in modern kitchens while stacking everything so you can get what you need quickly. Reclaim this forgotten storage space by using hooks to hang smaller tools (measuring spoons, a vegetable peeler, etc.). Hang hooks in line with the shelves so the doors will close!

Home Office: Gather Cords And Box It All Up.

Between chargers, lamp cords and laptop wires, your desk can easily become a maze. Secure wires in a cable box, which keeps things tidy, or install a shelf with cable “ports” as at right. You can also use decorative washi tape to label cords for easier use. Furnish your own “mail-room” with stackable trays to separate incoming mail, invitations and documents for shredding. Also, invest in a system of organizing products made to fit or stack together.