Questions To Success

Asking the “Right” Questions Leads You To Success

Asking the “right” questions will greatly improve your odds when it comes to any endeavor. When it comes to marketing having the right answers will mean more clients at a lower cost to you. Here are some examples of questions which can maximize your marketing efforts and dollars:

Good Questions Lead to Success

1. Who are your ideal clients? Most business professionals have a very vague or far too general idea of who their “best” clients really are. If you know where to “find” these clients and understand their characteristics (demographics, psychographics, affinities, etc.) then you can develop targeted programs which will increase sales more effectively.

2. How do your ideal clients respond to certain words statements, or ideas? How can you use this information to connect with them?

3. How much information will your prospects actually read? Do they prefer short articles with 5-10 tips or white papers?

4. Who are the authorities in your industry or field? Are you one of them? If not, how can you become an expert and share your knowledge?

5. What are the biggest challenges faced by your clients and potential clients? What is their “pain” and do you have the solutions that they need?questions

These are just a few questions which will provide important answers which will help determine which business development strategies are best for you and your business.

I’m certainly not advocating getting lost in the discovery phase and not taking action! Information overload is all too common today and can lead to a fear of doing the wrong thing.

But these five questions will give you a good base and by working the answers into your action steps you will ensure a much stronger (and favorable) response to your marketing efforts.